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The Most Comprehensive Digital Signage Expo

08 - 09 March, 2023
Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre

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About IDSE 2023

As the best and most comprehensive digital signage expo, IDSE has been capturing the imaginations and signage dynamics of the world for years now.Creating a unique sphere and platform for innovations, breakthrough technologies and matchless business opportunities for companies and prospective clients from around the world, IDSE has been able to create a peerless legacy in the international digital signage domain.

The upcoming expo at Saudi Arabia is sure to become impressive chapter that is guaranteed to leave the exhibitors and visitors stupefied with business opportunities galore. Working hard to bring together innovators and technology experts from around the world, the exhibit is the place to be at to find what the future of signage industry would look like with inventive digital displays and interactive communication platforms for clients from diverse industry sectors. There is no doubt that different types of communications are made revolutionary by digital signage options. And if you want to see them up-close, the expo is where you go. With professional and expert attendance, the expo is made all the more flamboyant and innovatively future.

Why Exhibit ?

Every business thrives on its customers—customers that can make significant contribution to the sustainable growth of the business. Every time you associate with us for the expo, you are getting exactly that and much more.

You get to talk to your potential customers about everything they want to know about you—your experience, your expertise, innovative approaches and the value-adding strategies you have crafted for each of them. You can also understand about the expectations and requirements of the clients to mold your business offerings befitting each of them.

With our expos, you can grab quality leads that convert. One of the major limitations of other types of customer reach out programs is that the number of leads that actually convert is limited. However, with our expo, every lead you generate has the potential to convert since the traffic you get at the expo is of top-quality and extremely targeted. In a nutshell, every visitor here is your ideal customer.

Why Visit?

If you are a business wanting to take advantage of the innovations, technological breakthroughs and novel approaches that happen in the digital signage industry for your business, this is the best platforms. It will not only give you the solutions you need but also effective insights and learning that can change the way you address and reach out your customers. Apart from this, you will be able to

  • Get domain-expert suggestions from industry veterans
  • Learn directly from subject-matter experts
  • Find solutions that suit your business verticals aptly
  • Create effective peer-networking
  • Connect with global players and expand business ties

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IDSE Benefits


Join numerous professionals, brand markets, international business gurus,architects, retail designers and distributors.


Understand the advances happening in the industry and the opportunity to get more customers.

Customer Preferences

Find out the changing preferences and choices of the customers firsthand

Latest Trends

Learn about the latest trends and cutting edge technologies in the business around world

IDSE 2023

As the best and most comprehensive digital signage expo, IDSE has been capturing the imaginations and signage dynamics of the world for years.

2059 Makkah Al Mukarramah Branch Rd, As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh 8007 12621, Saudi Arabia

+966 56 415 6393

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