Visitor Profile

Digital Signage breakthroughs have applications across different industries, delivering enhanced efficiency, security and effectiveness in different uses. Both government and private entities are spearheading the adoption of Digital Signage technologies in their respective sectors. Based on historical data, IDSE 2022 visitors are most likely to come from these sectors of the economy

Entertainment Venues

Government Agencies

Hotels / Resorts

Public Transportation


Education / Schools

Hospitals / Healthcare Facilities

Ad Agencies & Media Buyers

Brand Marketing & Content

Educational Environments

Entertainment & Recreation

Experiential Design & Planning

Government & Municipalities

Restaurants, Bars & Foodservices

Retail Stores & Environments

Corporate Environments

DOOH Networks

Healthcare Environments

Hotels & Hospitality

Houses of Worship

IT & Systems Integration

Pro AV & Installation

Transportation Facilities

Venues & Public Spaces

Exhibition Stand Contractors

Brand Marketers (FMCG, CDIT, Lifestyle & Apparel)

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